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Regulation (EU) No 517/20141 creates a mechanism for reducing fluorinated greenhouse gases in order to contribute significantly to the Union's climate targets. Whilst the central policy measure to achieve these objectives is the phase-down of HFCs another of prohibitions are also included.  Annex III relates to new large-scale refrigeration systems commonly found in larger supermarkets and hypermarkets and requires the Commission to carry out an assessment and to "publish a report assessing the prohibition pursuant to point 13 of Annex III, considering in particular, the availability of cost-effective, technically feasible, energy-efficient and reliable alternatives to multipack centralised refrigeration systems referred to in that provision. In light of that report, the Commission shall submit, if appropriate, a legislative proposal to the European Parliament and to the Council with a view to amending the provision pursuant to point 13 of Annex III."

The report and annex are now available on the DG CLIMA website here.

 The conclusion of the report is that the Commission sees no need to amend the provisions pursuant to point 13 of Annex III of the Regulation 517/2014.


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