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The ACRIB F Gas Refrigeration SKILLcard scheme is operated by the Engineering Services SKILLcard as part of a national series of construction-related registration schemes. The card fee is £40 + VAT. Applications and renewals are completed online - please read the guidance below before you start your application using the link at the bottom of this page.  The online process ensures a much faster turn around of your application.

Information for Employers wanting to register operatives on the ACRIB SKILLcard scheme

The following qualifications are recognised by ACRIB for the ACRIB SKILLcard - the registration scheme which demonstrates the operative's competence and provides a record of refrigerant handling qualifications, F Gas Certification and additional qualifications held.

In order to apply to join the ACRIB register and carry an ACRIB refrigeration SKILLcard you must have at least one of the qualifications in the first table in addition to your health, safety and environment certificate as appropriate for the type of card.

Mandatory qualifications required for each card type

ACRIB Refrigerant Handler (White card)
Blue - ACRIB Skilled worker
Gold - ACRIB Advanced Craft
  • C&G2079 cat1 or
  • CSkills J11 or
  • BESA FG CAT1 or
  • appropriate unit of NVQ or 7189 as recognised by DEFRA or
  • LCL/Logic 603/1917/3 (Cat1) or
  • C&G 6090 Level 2 or 3 Diploma or Certificate or
  • C&G 7189-02 Level 2 or 3 Diplomas or Certificates  


Note  If you hold an F Gas Certificate issued outside of the UK and from an EU member state you must obtain an authorised translation. Contact the Skillcard Team for further advice.  Refrigerant handling certificates issues outside of the UK or EU are not accepted.

as per White card and one of:
  • Level 2 Apprenticeship Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning which includes an F Gas Unit or if not included in the apprenticeship a separate F Gas Qualification
  • C&G 6187 Level 2 NVQ Diplomas or Certificates
  • C&G 6090 or C&G 7189-02 at Level 2
  • older NVQs eg 6087 L2, City & Guilds craft or advanced craft or SCOTVEC are only acceptable if the candidate also has an F Gas qualification
as per White card and one of:
  • Level 3 RACHP Engineering Technician Apprenticeship
  • Level 3 Apprenticeship Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning which includes an F Gas Unit or if not included in the apprenticeship a separate F Gas Qualification
  • C&G 6187 Level 3 NVQ Diplomas or Certificates
  • C&G 6090 or C&G 7189-02  at Level 3
  • older NVQ 6087 L3 are only acceptable if the candidate also has an F Gas qualification

Additional refrigerant handling competence recognised qualifications

If you satisfy the minimum requirements in the table above, you can have the refrigerant qualifications added to the front of the ACRIB refrigeration SKILLcard for the following refrigerants:
Carbon Dioxide
CSkills J11
CSkills J11 or J01
C&G 2077 or 2078 ammonia
BRA Carbon Dioxide Course*
C&G2079 cat1
C&G2079 cat1 or 2078
C&G Level 2 award in Ammonia RACHP etc (6187-31)
C&G Level 2 award in Hydrocarbon  RACHP etc (6187-
21 or 31)
C&G Level 2 award in Carbon Dioxide RACHP etc (6187-21)
  BESA Flammables certificate  
  LCL Flammables certificate  

*BRA Carbon Dioxide Course certificates issued by Sainsburys/Cool Concerns/ WR/Epta Group


Other RACHP qualifications 

The following specialist qualifications can also be added on the reverse of the card. If you hold a RAC qualification not listed below let us know and we can assess whether this can be added as well.
  • BRA Brazing
  • C&G 6187-21 Brazing RACHP
  • IOR REAL Zero CPD Certificate
  • EAL Level 2 Diploma or Certificate in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment engineering technology( 501/1098/6) 
  • Recovery only C&G 2079 Cat 3 or CITB J13 or BESA FGas CAT3 or LCL/Logic 603 Cat 3
  • Leak Test only C&G2079 Cat 4 or CITB J14 or BESA FGas CAT4 or LCL/Logic 603 Cat 4


On-line application process

1. Follow the link below to register and start your application. Make sure you have scans of your Health, Safety and Environment Qualifications and your Refrigerant Handling Certificates available, as well as any other qualifications from the tables above you want to have included in your card.

2. Select CRAFT & OPERATIVE from the Application Type box

3. Select ACRIB Refrigerant Handler, Blue - ACRIB Skilled Worker or Gold - ACRIB Advanced Craft

Continue to fill out the forms and upload your Certificates as appropriate, you will also be asked for an Employer Reference and for payment in due course. 


Any queries on the application process please contact the scheme administrators:



Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board member organisations

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