Recent Achievements 


  • Working closely with employers on qualification development and quality assurance matters, supporting the development of a new specialised Trailblazer Apprenticeship scheme for the sector - the RACHP Engineering Technician Apprenticeship.
  • Operating a growing registration scheme for individuals qualified to handle refrigerants. The ACRIB F Gas SKILLcard registration scheme is now a widely recognised safe refrigerant handling certification scheme and part of the Engineering Services SKILLcard scheme framework.
  • Providing guidance for the industry on the F Gas Regulation for UK industry with links to reliable information sources.
  • Advising UK Government on the implementation of regulations and legislation through regular liaison with DEFRA and the Environment Agency.
  • Maintaining active membership of EPEE, the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment, which ensures the UK industry is kept informed of developments related to refrigerants and environmental policy in the EU. Responding to issues such as system efficiency and safety, performance standards, food safety and safety at work with responses to consultations and comments.

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