Environment, Efficiency and Net Zero in RACHP

ACRIB member organisations are co-ordinating the work to support improvements in efficiency and reduction of environmental impact of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment in all of the essential applications where cooling is necessary - such as food distribution, production and service, manufacturing processes, building services, transportation and environmental control of datacentres and IT. 

You can find out more about the initiatives which member organisations support from the links below:

A project on Transport Industrial Commercial Refrigeration emissions research and guidance for users is currently being undertaken by London South Bank University and partners on behalf of Department for Energy Security and Net Zero  www.netzerorefrigeration.uk 

Campaign to stop illegal import of refrigerants which leads to uncontrolled use and undermines Montreal Protocol and Kigali amendment agreements https://stopillegalcooling.eu/pledge

The Cold Store of 2050: Maximising Efficiency to Reduce Emissions & Drive UK Energy Transformation from the Cold Chain Federation  www.coldchainfederation.org.uk/road-to-net-zero-part-4/

The Road to Net Zero - tools and resources for the transport industry from the Cold Chain Federation https://www.coldchainfederation.org.uk/road-to-net-zero/

Cold Store Energy Efficiency guidance and Climate Change Agreement from the Cold Chain Federation https://www.coldchainfederation.org.uk/energy/

Actuate is the umbrella group for organisations involved in engineering building services. It is contributing to Government policy to support the move to net zero https://www.actuateuk.org.uk/policy-areas

Roadmap for Food Service Equipment from FEA https://www.fea.org.uk/news/fea-and-zero-carbon-forum-roadmap-launch/

The Institute of Refrigeration has a website "Beyond Refrigeration" which provides a template to support the path to net zero for users of cooling equipment together with policy briefs on "integration of heating and cooling" and "skills and training", case studies and other useful links www.ior.org.uk/beyondrefrigeration 

Count on Cooling from the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment provides a range of useful resources and technology briefs http://countoncooling.eu/

ISO guidance and standards on net zero https://www.iso.org/netzero 




Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board member organisations

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