ILLEGAL TRADE ROUND-UP September 2019 from the EFCTC

The efforts by industry groups, compliance officials and NGOs are ensuring the scale and urgency of illegal trade in HFCs is now widely recognised and there is now a much better understanding of the measures and actions that are necessary to combat the illegal trade.

EFCTC launches a dedicated section on its website for illegal trade issues to provide a central resource for a wide range of information, the latest news and press releases.

To complement the new EFCTC dedicated section, this round-up focusses on several highlights:

Illegal Trade of Refrigerants leaflet: As part of a broader communications campaign, four leading associations in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) sector – EPEE, AREA, ASERCOM and EFCTC – have joined forces in an unprecedented effort to call upon European installers to support the fight against illegal trade of refrigerants and buy refrigerants from safe sources. To this end, the associations have developed a leaflet for installers highlighting the risks illegal trade of refrigerants entails. Protect your business – Buy refrigerants from safe sources! Available in 4 languages.

ADC3R (Association des distributeurs, conditionneurs, récupérateurs et retraiteurs de réfrigérants) has launched a campaign against illegal refrigerant imports: The ADC3R ( campaign highlights the risks from illegal HFCs, including health risks stemming from unknown and unregulated fluids, performance and reliability of systems, and the potential criminal and financial penalties.

Some Illegal HFCs confirmed as fake material: The Cooling Post reported that in Romania, illegal “HFC-134a” sold in disposable cylinders has been analysed and shown to be not just contaminated but HFC-134a. Three disposable cylinders contained different mixtures, mainly HCFC-22, mainly hydrocarbon, or mainly an unknown gas. The material is being aimed at car workshops and the use of each of these cylinders would result in system or health hazards see:

EFCTC Recognises eBay and other E-Commerce platforms for the Removal of 100 Illegal Refrigerant Listings: As part of its campaign to stem the flow of illegal refrigerants in Europe, EFCTC recognises the efforts by a number of e-commerce platforms including eBay, to identify and remove nearly 100 listings of illegal refrigerants from their platforms. Download the press release here.


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