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The 2015 F-gas regulation is driving industry to use lower GWP1 refrigerants in many applications. The EU regulation (517/2014), which came into force on the 1st January 2015, introduces a ban on new equipment using HFC refrigerants with a GWP of over 2500 by 2020. The regulation also introduces a phase down, related to GWP and measured in CO2 equivalent tonnes, which will drive industry to use lower GWP options. As a result, a new family of refrigerants – both pure fluids and blends – has been (and continues to be) developed - these are Hydro Fluoro Olefins (HFO).  A feature of many of these products (and some existing refrigerants such as R32 and Ammonia) is that they exhibit lower flammability, and hence a new classification has been introduced by ASHRAE to cover this feature – A2L. (In the case of Ammonia the classification is B2L, due to its toxicity)

This guidance note has been written by members of FETA Associations to give an overview of these new refrigerants, and some basic advice as to their use in the field.

Guidance note from FETA - Introduction to A2L refrigerants


Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board member organisations

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