Several trade organisations are members of ACRIB, including FEA, previously known as CESA. FEA is the independent, authoritative voice of the foodservice equipment industry, representing nearly 200 companies that supply, service and maintain the full spectrum of commercial catering equipment - from utensils to full kitchen schemes. Refrigeration manufacturers and suppliers form a significant part of the Association’s membership.  

FEA’s structure is focused on Product Group Forums, which support both members and foodservice operators. The Association’s Refrigeration Product Group Forum is made up of professionals working in refrigeration.  The Forum’s remit is to debate, investigate, promote and report on a range of industry initiatives and issues, and to coordinate the technical and policy changes affecting commercial and professional refrigeration.  

FEA is multi-faceted and directly aligned to the needs of its members and the industry at large.  For example, the association provides several networking opportunities during the year – membership research confirmed that the majority found this to be very useful.  However, networking is the tip of the iceberg in terms of our work, which ranges from tactical day to day tasks – such as answering members’ questions about legislation, or technical issues, or helping them explore export trade opportunities – to strategic work in ‘big picture’ areas.

Here FEA works directly with UK Government departments, such as BEIS, DEFRA and OPSS, lobbying, debating and advising on issues affecting our members, such as ensuring there is no divergence with EU regulations. For example, FEA presented its Five Point Plan to achieve net-zero carbon for the foodservice equipment industry to the Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum.  The plan is designed to encourage the use of energy-saving equipment by incentivising operators, manufacturers, resellers and consultants.  It covers:

  • Manufacturer tax credits – based on the number of energy-efficient models sold
  • A net-zero equipment recycling scheme – to encourage operators to replace old appliances with new, energy-efficient versions 
  • Giving energy-efficient equipment BREEAM and LEED certification points – to foster consultant and specifier engagement
  • Incentivising dealers and resellers – by paying them an extra commission when they sell energy-efficient equipment
  • Developing a new Energy Technology List (ETL) – to make it easy for operators and specifiers to select sustainable and energy-efficient equipment  

FEA is an active member of the European Federation of Catering Equipment Manufacturers (EFCEM) and utilises the strength of its interface with the EU Commission to influence legislation affecting food service equipment, for example on eco-design, energy labelling and F-Gas.  

The full article is available on the ACR Journal website.


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