The Cold Chain Federation has released the latest report in the Net Zero Project, The Cold Store of 2050: Maximising Efficiency to Reduce Emissions & Drive UK Energy Transformation. The result of months of research, the report explores and illustrates how cold storage facilities could evolve in light of the UK Government’s commitment to a Net Zero Economy by 2050. It details the technologies which could become widespread to boost energy efficiency and how cold stores have the potential to drive energy transition in the UK. The report also focuses on the barriers which need to be overcome and how effective government policy and collaboration between businesses and energy network operators will be crucial to achieving our vision.

The report is intended to aid policy makers, but also to support businesses to work with their customers and suppliers to plan their sustainability journey.

The Cold Store of 2050: Maximising Efficiency to Reduce Emissions & Drive UK Energy Transformation is the latest in the Federation’s series of reports for its Net Zero Cold Chain Project which launched in October 2020 with the purpose of bringing the industry together to answer some of the key questions around Net Zero.

ACRIB member CCF will be hosting a special launch event webinar along with special guests to introduce the key points of the report and to discuss some of the challenges it raises. This will take place on the 13th June at 10am. Sign up here.

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