Cold chain federation Primary Logo Positive RGBThe Cold Chain Federation, which is an ACRIB member, is the only trade association dedicated to the UK’s temperature-controlled logistics industry. The organisation can trace its history back to its original formation in 1911 and our approximately 150 members consist of businesses across the cold chain, including those involved in farming, manufacture, third party logistics, food service and retail. CCF members operate approximately 500 cold stores and 30,000 temperature-controlled vehicles across the UK.

The cold chain is critical to the UK economy, safeguarding the nation’s chilled and frozen supply chain and maintaining the security, quality and availability of food, pharmaceuticals and other produce. Together with its members, the Cold Chain Federation represents a powerful voice to policymakers on issues affecting the cold chain, such as Brexit, supply chain disruption, air quality emissions from refrigerated transport and perhaps the most existential risk facing the cold chain of the future: net zero. 

The Cold Chain Federation is a proud member of ACRIB, which provides a professional forum for us to contribute and learn from other members on technical refrigeration matters such as the F Gas phase-out, building standards for cold stores, improving skills and qualifications in the RACHP industry and to discuss other, often complex, refrigeration compliance issues. 

To find out more about the Cold Chain Federation, visit our website:


(extract from ACR Journal on the role of the Cold Chain Federation within ACRIB. Read the full article here).


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