Following the big cut in refrigerant CO2 equivalent quota in 2018 under the EU F-Gas regulation, there were major issues with availability of the higher GWP refrigerants which resulted in higher costs but also accelerated the push to lower GWP alternatives and prepared the way for the ban on R404A and other > 2500 GWP refrigerants in the majority of applications which is now in place. Following a recent period of relative stability (with regard to refrigerant availability and supply) we now face the next big cut from 2021 which will then be part of the UK F-Gas regulation which effectively mirrors the EU system.

This will again put pressure on the higher GWP HFCs but the good news is that there are now many more very low GWP solutions available and so you can help prepare your clients for the change. There is a lot of information available and the associations that form ACRIB will continue to provide guidance to aid the transition.

Please ensure that you purchase your refrigerant from a reputable source that will guarantee the product quality and also help you provide the best service and advice to your end-user customers so they can make informed choices about their future refrigeration systems.

For more information about work being co-ordinated to prevent the illegal trade of HFCs and report on illicit importing see the EFTCT website 


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