Apply for a replacement Certificate

If you have lost your City & Guilds F Gas Certificate (2079) or need a copy you will need to apply direct to City & Guilds or to the training provider where you did your assessment.

The advice below is taken from the City & Guilds website  :

If it is more than one calendar month since the date your certificate was issued, please submit a request for an archive search through the City & Guilds online application and payment form

City & Guilds charge £44.00 for a specialist search of the archives. This includes the fee to replace and amend the certificate if the search is successful. Please note that each application should be for one certificate only, if you wish to replace more than one certificate you will need to place additional applications at the cost of £44.00.

It will take three weeks from the submission of your application for City & Guilds to deliver a new certificate. This is not a guarantee and turnaround times increase during busy periods. 



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