The consultation launched in March by the European Commission will examine the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and EU added value of this policy.

Objectives of the consultation

  • ensure that all affected and interested stakeholders have the possibility to participate in the consultation,
  • allow stakeholders to provide their feedback on the implementation of the Ozone Regulation,
  • collect data and views in order to understand how and why various measures of the Regulation have or have not led to the expected results,
  • get information on the experience of the affected stakeholders in acting in line with the Regulation, in particular the costs and the benefits of compliance,
  • complement collected data by information on alternatives used by industry for exempted uses (i.e. process agent use, critical use and laboratory use).

Key documents


Indicative timeframe:

  • 26 March 2018 – launch of targeted consultations (target group: businesses and authorities)
  • June-August 2018 – public consultation
  • December 2018 – stakeholder workshop
  • Early 2019 - publication of the support study for the evaluation

Contact details 

If you are interested in following the evaluation, you may want to sign up as a stakeholder with the consultants who support the Commission in carrying out the evaluation. Please send an e-mail with your details to the address, indicating in the subject line “Ozone stakeholder”.


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