arcAssociated Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contractors (ARC) have been long-standing members of ACRIB, being involved since 1995 when the concept of a single body representing various sectors of the RACHP industry was born.

From past influencers such as Tony MacWhirter and Norman Mitchell through to our current board representative, ARC provides ACRIB with feedback and information from a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning commercial contractors viewpoint, helping to ensure industry initiatives, guidance and feedback given to government departments and other stakeholders includes a practical perspective.


The commitment to support ACRIB in its work, outlines the importance that ARC members place upon all areas of our industry having an input to the lobbying of policy makers and legislation that effects Refrigeration & Air Conditioning contractors and wider industry as well as the environment, as we all push forward toward Net Zero and full sustainability.


From past experience we know there has been and there will continue to be difficult environmental challenges ahead for the RACHP industry, but that we must embrace and develop how the whole industry moves forward to solve them.


Our work with ACRIB allows us to have a greater insight into many other sectors of the RACHP industry. As the board includes wide representation, the knowledge and contacts gained from this association can be spread across our own membership and their teams.


About ARC.

ARC is a nationwide organisation of selected air conditioning and refrigeration contractors who are privately owned and funded and who’s primary goal is to provide good quality service.


ARC member companies are strategically sited in a number of locations across the UK and serve a diverse range of customers in most industry sectors, including Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Aerospace, Utilities, Food Production, Food Service, Brewing, Marine & Offshore, Retail, Scientific Research, Data Centres, Education and Building Environmental Control.

In fact, like refrigeration and air conditioning itself, there is little in modern life that ARC members do not potentially have some impact upon, providing and supporting everything from comfortable living and working environments to critical processes bringing utilities such as electricity, water, gas, telecommunications and broadband provision to us all.


Our aim is to maintain the very highest standards in design, installation and after-sales service, but more than this, we are active in promoting energy conservation and maximum plant efficiency with the resulting positive impact on the environment these bring.

It is the firm belief of our organisation that a satisfied client is the greatest asset any business can possess, with all our businesses built upon long term customer engagement and word of mouth recommendation.


Our Members.

Associated Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contractors (ARC) consists of nine member companies.



All ARC members have their own in-house technical and engineering teams providing specialist design and installation of new systems, planned preventative maintenance to ensure efficient operations and tailored service support to meet even the most critical of applications.

In total this is hundreds of employees, consisting of highly trained applications engineers and hands on refrigeration and air conditioning engineers in white vans, blue vans, green vans, grey vans and all sorts of multi coloured designs.

Our members businesses turn over tens of millions of pounds in the support of our customers organisations and appreciate our success is directly linked to that of our customers.


In addition to providing the core RACHP services many of the ARC organisations provide other specialist services relating to building services and support, these include Facilities Management, Electrical, Plumbing & Heating, Project Management, Business Infrastructure Systems, M&E, Food Service, Renewables and Training.


The ARC principle of association provides both for, national engineering coverage at high standards to members customers, and sharing the best business and engineering practices across the member organisations by exchanging knowledge and experience at various levels within our businesses.


In pre-COVID times this was supported by regular meetings of the business principles and also technical meetings and presentations covering various subjects including in-house operating systems, staff training and development, HSEQ implementation, unusual applications/projects, refrigerants and new products entering the market. The aim of these specialist meetings often involving manufacturers and suppliers was to promote best practices initially amongst members and where possible to the wider industry by sharing our experiences and knowledge.


Further details of ARC and its member organisations can be found at


To find out more about the member organisations and the work of ACRIB, visit

(Extract from ACR Journal - read the full article here.)


Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board member organisations

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